• Learn, Create, Enjoy & Experience

    Come and learn something new ... discover your creativity in a peaceful and beautiful setting!

    We are a group of creative individuals coming together to offer all inclusive workshops in several different mediums.

    We offer full and half day workshops in our english conservatory - with a break in between to experience a lunch that includes fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables from our garden. After lunch have a stroll through our potager garden to see what is growing or relax for a bit in the garden.


    NEWS! We are booking baby & bridal showers, birthday parties and receptions now! Send us your email and we will send you pdfs with our rental info, photos and catering options!

    We also have LAVENDER COTTAGE & ROSE COTTAGE - both are two bedroom cottages on the property that can be rented directly from us - ask us for more information!

    Call 626-215-4256 to make reservations!



    Upcoming 2019 workshops:

    • Silk Scarf Marbling Workshops  - Sat. Oct. 5th 10-1pm  SOLD OUT,  OR Sat. Dec. 7th    10am-1pm with brunch
    • Pique Assiette (Broken China Stepping Stone) - plus lunch  Sat. October 26th from 9-1pm
    • Christie Repasy Fall Weekend Workshop - Oct 12th and 13th 2019 from 10-4 with breakfast and lunch - Saturday she will be teaching us how to paint a floral rose painting (beginners welcome!) and on Sunday she will be teaching how to paint a metal floral wall basket! (Wallbasket students need to take the beginning rose painting class first... :)
    • Succulent Chair or Birdcage with Brunch  - SOLD OUT Sat. NOV. 9th from 9-12pm  or Sat. Jan 25th  9-12pm
    • Macrame Workshop and Tea -  New date TBD
    • Dennis Perrin 3 Day Oil Painting Workshop - Nov. 1-3 9am-4pm each day plus farmable lunch, supplies not included, some painting experience needed
    • * Please ask about private workshop parties

    Have you wedding reception here with us!

    For information scroll down to bottom and send me your email address


    Imported Handmade Bags! Hottest bag trend of this summer as seen on top fashion bloggers! 

    Specially made this beautiful Ata bag comes from eastern Bali.
    These backpacks have been handcrafted by Balinese women for generations. The process includes weaving ata grass into bag designs and drying them under the sun. Once ready, they are smoked over the coconut husk fire to develop beautiful shade of golden brown. These backpacks are moisture resistant, very durable and will last for years to come. Note: due to it's hand made nature, each bag is unique and is not exactly the same.

    Romantic Homes article on what we offer here at Lavender Marketplace in their Sept. 2017 issue!

    This is where the workshops are held...

    Beautiful & peaceful setting to get creative!
    The Conservatory - where the events & workshops are held

    Enjoy lunch with fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables from the Potager Garden

    Potager Garden - we use as much from the garden as we can for the workshop lunches!
  • Silk Scarf Marbling Workshop & Lunch

    Sat. October 5th 2019 from 10-1pm SOLD OUT


    Sat. Dec. 7th 2019 from 10-1pm


    with BRUNCH $89

    Instructors - Justin and Kim Brandstater




    Utilizing modern, eco-friendly and upcycled materials, we bring the beautiful, ancient art of water marbling to the 21st century. Each student will be making their own one-of-a-kind handmade water-marbled silk scarf. (additional scarves are $39.00 each - if you want to make more than one) Each student applies acrylic paint to the special water bath, floating the colors in our custom-built water marbling trays, then uses marbling combs, rakes, or stylus to create the design to their liking. It is a true "WOW" moment when the finished scarf is held up for all to see! No experience necessary. This workshop is intended for all skill levels – from the beginner to the intermediate creative. All materials and supplies provided for your inspirational time with us. Children welcome!


    Today, marbling is going strong with hundreds of master artists around the world who explore and revitalize the traditional methods, bringing new ideas to this wonderful form of expression. Marbled paper is still made today, and the method is now applied to fabric and three-dimensional surfaces, as well as paper. Aside from continued traditional applications, artists now explore using the method as a kind of painting technique, and as an element in collage. A more modern term for the art is "hydro dipping," and is often done by printing a design on a gel, laying the gel sheet on the surface of water, misting water over the gel to fully hydrate the inks, and then dipping the object into the now-liquid inks floating on the surface. In the last few decades, marbling has been the subject of international symposia and museum exhibitions. An active international group can be found on Yahoo! Groups, as well as the Society of Marbling, an organization of practicing marblers.



  • Succulent Chair or Birdcage & Brunch

    Saturday Nov. 9th from 9am-Noon SOLD OUT
     OR Sat. Jan 25th from 9am - noon
    Instructor Kim Brandstater
    $175 for the workshop and brunch ... ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED
    Keep scrolling down for registration

    Have you seen those adorable succulent wrought iron chairs and birdcages and always wanted to make one? We will help you plant your own to take home! All supplies included - if you happen to have your own chair or birdcage we can deduct $20 off the workshop fee. After you finish your chair you will enjoy a lovely farmable brunch with wine :)


    Please let us know whether you plant to do a chair or birdcage

  • Christie Repasy Fall Floral Painting
    Workshop Weekend

    Metal Wall Pocket with spray of Roses - SUNDAY OCT 13TH 2019
    BOTH DAYS from 10am until 4pm
    Each day is $185
    Saturday Workshop: Christie will be walking you through her beginning rose painting class where you will learn the basic steps of painting a single rose on canvas. See photos below of the single rose painting...
    Sundays Workshop: Christie will be teaching you how to paint a rose/flower spray on a charming metal wall pocket. Beginning rose class experience required to take this class.
    All supplies are included.
    Please bring an apron to protect your clothes. Each day the workshop goes from 10am-4pm. Lavender scones and tea in the morning and then later a delicious farm table lunch!

    Sunday we will be learning how to paint this beautiful metal basket!!

  • "Pique Assiette"

    Broken China Stepping Stone Workshop

    Sat. Sept. 14th from 9-1:30pm SOLD OUT


    Sat. Oct. 26th from 9-1:30pm


    Lunch with Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables from our Potager Garden & wine

    Instructor - Kim Brandstater



    Mosaic stepping stones

    Pique assiette, also known as shard arts, is a very popular folk art style of mosaics. In French, pique assiette literally means stolen from plates. This kind of art incorporates recycled bits of broken china, porcelain, ceramic tile pottery, stoneware and found objects that are used to make one-of-a-kind and eye-catching art creations.


    Some people may assume that pique assiette is a very difficult and laborious work of art to learn. Yes, making pique assiette is an art. Don't be scared though if you have never done any art projects before, because it is simple to learn and anybody can do it.

    It is a fabulous way to bring the artistic and creative side out of you. You can get totally lost in it as you learn how to apply the varying types of shards to your pieces and time seems to just fly by.


    Making a mosaic stepping stone does not require you to be an established artist or have had any previous experience with mosaics. All you need to be successful is to gather the materials you need, have a wide colorful imagination, and let your hands do the magic for you.​

    Supplies & Class information

    • All supplies are provided •

    You will be making one 12 inch stepping stone to take home that day.


    Please wear clothing that will be comfortable and that can get dirty - you will be mixing concrete!

  • Painting from the Inside Out:
    A Workshop with Dennis Perrin

    3 Day Workshop November 1 - 3th 2019 9am-4pm each day plus farmable lunch
    Supplies not included - list will be sent upon request


    All levels welcome, basic knowledge of oil and equipment a necessity.

    Dennis will help you realize your potential as an artist by going beyond materials and techniques.

    Creator of the Perrin Method, Dennis’s teaching covers not only the technical aspects of painting, but the thought processes behind painting with special emphasis on the power of belief and intention.

    The principle subject will be floral still life in oil but may also include some outdoor painting in a garden or with a figure in the scene. Be prepared to explore the possibilities.


    A workshop with Dennis Perrin is more than just a teaching event about technique and picture making. It's a comprehensive seminar on how to think about painting, where a painting comes from, a self-examination of the question "Why Paint,?" as well as a thorough exploration of color, value, temperature, technique and materials.


    Attending a Perrin workshop ensures a complete exposure to the lineage of the great painters historically, and an immersion in the full enjoyment of the Creative Process. By teaching students to imagine and visualize their completed paintings, Perrin provides the student with an infallible road map to the successful completion of any creative project. Through discussion, slide shows, and demonstration, Perrin gives the student a complete of understanding of The Perrin Method™ as well as a toolbox full of useful, practical tools that will perpetually serve the aspiring artist, accomplished amateur, or professional painter in the realization of their visions.


    The workshop begins with a lively session of introductions, followed by a development of intentionality. Perrin then lays out the Perrin Method™, its historical precedents, and its direct application to painting. He also brings everyone up to speed with the Checkerboard Illusion, the Color Illusion, and the Value based Simplification process. This is followed by a complete demonstration of a painting, step-by-step, from conception to completion.

    Dennis Perrin


    Dennis Perrin is an internationally renowned and collected artist whose work hangs in public and private collections on nearly every continent. He was trained at The New Orleans Academy of Art under the late M. Dell Weller. For decades, he showed at galleries throughout the United States and Canada, and was a prolific creator of numerous figurative and floral works, many which feature his wife, Aimee, as model.


    In late 2015, in collaboration with his daughter, Camille Rose Giglio, Perrin created The Perrin Method™, an online Atelier dedicated to bringing his unique style of teaching to a worldwide audience. To date, The Perrin Method™ boasts of students numbering in the many hundreds and in 29 countries around the world. His live workshops have become exceedingly popular, regularly filling up. Several times a year, he and Aimee go on the road from coast to coast, teaching workshops from Georgia to California.


    Daily, Perrin’s works are celebrated in social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where he has a global following of more than 60,000 followers. His teachings go beyond the usual emphasis on traditional painting techniques to include visualization, imagination, and meditation, and Perrin strongly encourages his students develop their own unique Personal Vision as artists. His Personal Mentoring Program emphasizes the unique role the individual plays in the development of their work. Recently, Dennis and Aimee have moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where they have opened the Dennis Perrin Fine Art Gallery. To view the artist's current work, please visit the Gallery website here.




  • Two Day Mosaic Garden Project of your Choice!

    Instructor: Kim Brandstater
    This will be a two day workshop. The first day will be TBD and will include a light breakfast and lunch. The second day, Sunday you will return TBD from 10:00am to noon to grout your work of garden art!
    If there is a problem with coming back Sunday I might be able to arrange another time for you. I will have some different cement animals for you to choose from and a few pots but feel free to find your own animal or object you would like to apply the broken china & stained glass tiles to. Please let me know when you sign up what you plan to do.
    I will be providing all supplies and colored grout.

  • Silk Art Private Parties

    Birthdays • Showers • Charitable Events • Club Event

    Here is what your guests will get to do at a

    Lavender Silk Art Private Party!

    • Enjoy a brief intro to the ancient art of water marbling, as well as an entertaining demonstration
    • Choose your own colors from approximately 35 different hues (we recommend 2-8 colors)
    •Apply drops of paint to the surface of water in a six-foot long tray
    •If desired, swirl the paints using various rakes, combs, or stylus to create bold or intricate designs
    • The finished design is transferred to a 100% silk scarf
    • Rinse the scarf in water to remove excess paint
    • Show off your finished design for all to see!
    • Take your scarf home to hang dry and iron. After that, it is WASHABLE and will not fade in the sun
    • Wear your art as a scarf, sash, or hat band; or
    • Use it as a table runner, window hanging, or wall art

    Make just one, or as many as you like. WARNING: this art is addictive!


    Pricing for our private parties starts at $89 per person (includes brunch), with a minimum of 10 guests for events here at Lavender Marketplace.

    * Price includes tax and all materials, equipment, and staffing needed for the water marbling activity.

    Once a date has been selected, we will email or mail an agreement to you. We want you to feel free to hand write any changes or additions you would like to make. We are very flexible, and would love to hear any ideas you may have for making your event even more special! Please email the signed form back to us if possible, at brandstaterdesign@gmail.com. If you can't email it, please mail it to the address below. Please know that we do ask for a $150 deposit to hold the date. Payment may be made online (see registration page below) or with a credit card by phone, or by check mailed to

    Kim Brandstater

    89 Olive Ave.

    Sierra Madre CA 91024

    Get in Touch with Kim to book a party!

    We do have a few options that can be added to help complete the experience.

    For instance:

    DIY Scarf Table, where your guests can test the colors on small trays, and create designs to transfer to small silk hankies. The cost for this table is $3 per person.


    If this is a birthday or other special occasion, the group can create a signature scarf, for everyone to sign or add their own written embellishments. The signed scarf can then be water marbled, perhaps by several people (or everyone) working together on creating the design. The signature scarf can be included in your minimum count, with an extra charge of $5 to cover the cost of each fabric marker (one should be sufficient, but we'll have extras on hand just in case)


    We can also have parties where the guests marble items such at hats, bandanas or shoes!

  • Enroll in a Workshop!!

    Bring a friend!

    Sign up now before the classes fill up...

    Private workshops parties are also available

    Succulent Chair or Birdcage Workshop and Brunch Jan 25th
    Come learn how to make a succulent wrought iron chair OR Birdcage and then enjoy a farmable brunch! All supplies included!
    Select an option
    Coming soon
    Three Day Dennis Perrin Workshop & Farm table lunches
    Friday Nov 1st, 2nd and 3rd
    Three days of plein air painting with Dennis Perrin! Wonderful setting and farm tables lunches daily! Supply list sent upon request!
    Coming soon
    Oct 13th: Christie Repasy Rose Floral Wall Pocket and Farmtable lunch
    Learn how to paint a beautiful spray of roses/florals onto an adorable metal wall pocket!
    Need to have taken Single Rose Painting Workshop

    All supplies provided
    Coming soon
    Oct. 12th: Christie Repasy Rose Painting Workshop and Farmtable Lunch
    Saturday October 12th from 10-4pm - all supplies included
    Coming soon
    SALE! Woven Rattan Backpack with Leather Straps
    12.00 - 75.00
    Please also add shipping option to your cart if you need it to be sent to you

    Beautiful and sturdy woven rattan backpack from Bali!
    Measures 9.5 x 9.5 x 5 inches and has adjustable leather straps.
    Lined with soft batik fabric and has an inside pocket.
    So beachy and fun. I wear mine everyday - fits so much. Tie a scarf on it to add some color...
    Select an option
    Coming soon
    Silk Scarf Workshop with Brunch Sat. Dec 7th
    Sat. Oct. 5th 10-1pm SOLD OUT
    OR Sat. Dec. 7th 10-1pm
    - brunch included

    Xtra 100 % silk scarves are available to design for an additional $39.00 each!
    Select an option
    Coming soon
    Silk Scarf Marbling Private PARTY DEPOSIT
    Pricing for our private silk scarf marbling parties plus brunch starts at $89 per person, with a minimum of 10 guests for events here at Lavender Marketplace
    * Price includes tax and all materials, equipment, and staffing needed for the water marbling activity.
    Please scroll down to calendar to see available
    To secure your preferred party date, contact us directly at 626-215-4256.

    Deposit will be credited toward the total amount due and is fully refundable if the event is cancelled.
    Coming soon
    Lavender Marketplace & Workshops T-shirt
    3.00 - 18.00
    Super soft 100% cotton white woman's T-shirt with our custom
    Lavender Marketplace & Workshops logo!
    It says 'Enjoy Creativity' and also has 'SIERRA MADRE CA' on it :)

    S-XL sizing

    Extra charge $3 for shipping - just add to order if you need it shipped!
    Select an option
    Coming soon
    Two Day Mosaic Garden Project Workshop & Lunch
    Two day Garden Mosaic Project - Learn how to apply broken china to a pot, or any garden cement animal statue you wish! Saturday July 6 will go from 9-2pm with a break for lunch and Sunday July 7th you will return at 10am to finish grouting your project!

    All options are out of stock
    Coming soon
    Mosaic Stepping Stone Workshop & Lunch Sat. OCT. 26th
    SAT. Oct. 26th
    Come and enjoy a tea and scone breakfast then learn how to make a mosaic steppingstone - after that enjoy a wonderful farm table lunch!
    Coming soon
  • Registration & Cancellation Information

    Pricing for private parties and special events - contact us 

    Desserts served after the workshop lunch!



    All classes must be paid in full to be registered.

    • Early registration is recommended. 
    • Register online. 
    • Workshops are for students 13 years or older unless otherwise noted.



    • If you must cancel a class, kindly give written notice 10 days before class to receive full credit. 
    • Cancellations made 5 days in advance will result in half credit. 
    • Cancellations made within 72 hours of class will result in forfeiture of fees.
    • We will have a waiting list for classes that are filled up and if there are enough students more workshop dates will be added
    • Lavender Workshops has the right to cancel any workshop with three or less participants
  • Our Lavender Marketplace & Workshops are located in the beautiful foothill village of

    Sierra Madre, California

    at The Historical Fletcher House - 1890's victorian farmhouse

    89 Olive Avenue Sierra Madre, CA

    Visit us - by appointment only 626-215-4256

    Parking is on street - just walk up driveway and follow the signs to the back

    Workshops are held in the conservatory

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